I Have an Addled Brain

I am a flippant poet Engaged in flippancy Not always do I follow Rules of diplomacy Refusing of correctness Political that is I’ll do my thing regardless ‘Cause that’s the way I is OK I may get addled And have a brain that’s shot I can’t complain about it It’s what God had, I gotContinue reading “I Have an Addled Brain”

Poet Don Q&A re his Botted Chair

Poet Don enlighten us Re your botted chair In which you rest your weary bot Of cheeks which you have pair? Yes my flock, I, like you, have two…. But what of your chair?…. It accommodates both…. Poet Don is a valuable asset to the FCS Team,coming to us from the illustrious Poets Society ReportingContinue reading “Poet Don Q&A re his Botted Chair”

Obed the Multilingual Cat

There once was a cat called Obed A female cat (therefore a her) She had something special about her In all seven languages could purr Including ancient Hebrew…. You don’t believe me do you?…. Don MatthewsJuly 2020 American author Jack Cady (1932-2004) in his 1994 novel The Off Season , Obed, a dancing cat couldContinue reading “Obed the Multilingual Cat”

Poet Don on Invite an Alien to Live with you Day. 21 July

Today my flock we celebrate Inviting friend aliens come stay To share our bed, breakfast and table To beam themselves down here to stay Beam on down ET…bed waiting… (Johnny, our youngest flock member….) He’s lost my address Poet Don?…. Oh dear…. We believe this could be ET looking for Johnny’s house…..