I Am a Trying Rhymer

I try to put in rhyme‘Bout things I read a lotMost of the time it works outBut sometimes works out not I’m also into rhymingRhyming what I seeMost of the time it works outNow seeing my coffee (above) gawd…. You guessed it, into rhymingRhyming what I hearRhyming what I hear aboutEntering my ear more gawd….Continue reading “I Am a Trying Rhymer”

I Hope You Took Your Phone With You

I am a man of mysteryWhere will I jump to nextWill I send a letterOr will I send a text? I hope you took your phone when youEntered the hereafterCos when I want to contact youA text is so much faster Letters take such a long time…. Don MatthewsJanuary 2021 I just like playing roundContinue reading “I Hope You Took Your Phone With You”


I enjoy exploring the genre of nonsense and absurd. I was at the pond watching maidenflies. It all started there I just have seen a maidenfly Hover o’er the waterNot a sound it did makeI then thought, should I oughta? Hear a sound?…. Then I saw anotherHover o’er the groundMaking such a racket(A freight-train sorta sound)Continue reading “Maidenfly”