Why Am I Attracted To Absurdity?

Why am I attracted to absurdity
Why am I silly, insane
Why am I nonsensically inclined thus?
What am I striving to gain?

Poet Laureate in nonsense?

Don Matthews
January 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

14 thoughts on “Why Am I Attracted To Absurdity?

  1. that’s great, Don: you, me and Hobbo have an unhealthy predilection. some we might say, to the Absurd but we are part of a rich ancestry including Lear …. btw what a great pic!! where did you dig that up from?


    1. What makes something healthy or unhealthy John? It’s just an opinion after all…….I’m totally shot….but what the heck…..To me I’m healthy and enjoying life. I just googled absurdity pics and this popped up. Absurd for the dolphin , normal for the cow…..

      Hello? Hobbo’s come on board Good morning Hobbo…


  2. Why, always the asking
    Why, Why, Why?
    When the Universe is screaming
    Yes, Yes, Yes!
    Yes, I’m attracted to absurdity.
    Yes, I’m silly and insane.
    Yes, I’m nonsensically inclined.
    I guess that’s Why I keep coming
    back again, and again 😎


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