Guest Poet – Mike James

Campbell’s Soups The labels have fallen off my soup cans. I’ll have a grilled cheese with something for dinner. That’s been my day. A morning unicycle ride to the grocery store and the weekly discussion, with myself, about Elizabeth Bishop (pro and con) over a lunch bagel. An afternoon penny toss in front of theContinue reading “Guest Poet – Mike James”

Guest Poet – Mike James

The Woman in the Gingerbread House  There once was a woman with 100 children and each had the name of a flower. She was a busy woman. She was, oh yes, busy. There were soups to cook, teeth to count, a postman to gossip with, and carrots and potatoes to plant and to harvest. ThereContinue reading “Guest Poet – Mike James”

Guest Poet – Harris Coverley

Interplanetary He preferred brown breadShe preferred white He drove a town carShe rode the bus He heard voicesShe felt noises He wrestled umbrellasShe dated raincoats He whistled in vacuumsShe was silent at the cinema He hated hip hopShe played the staircase He knew he was a foolShe “got” Beckett He drank mouthwashShe gargled with whiskeyContinue reading “Guest Poet – Harris Coverley”

Guest Poet – Cailey Weaver

Invisible You                        look                                                    right                                                                ­         through                         me… Like                                                              I’m                                       Barely                     Even                                      ­                          There…. Cailey Weaver

Guest Poet – Mike Hauser

Television Smorgasbord We turn on the T.V.When we get hungryBut all that they feed us today are more lies We keep on eatingThe garbage they’re feedingLosing all meaning to the gourmet of life So open up wide nowAnd take what they’re servingCause what they are serving you’ll soon grow to like With a smidgen ofContinue reading “Guest Poet – Mike Hauser”

Guest Poet Joe Balaz ‘Chilling Out Right Now’

Joe Balaz writes in Hawaiian Islands pidgin. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio CHILLING OUT RIGHT NOWEric stay chilling out right now   but last night he wuz off of da chaincause he wen lose his temperand false crack his competition at da bar.Too much alcohol and testosteronewuz racing through his veinsand screwing up his brain.He couldn’tContinue reading “Guest Poet Joe Balaz ‘Chilling Out Right Now’”