Guest Poet – Harris Coverley


He preferred brown bread
She preferred white

He drove a town car
She rode the bus

He heard voices
She felt noises

He wrestled umbrellas
She dated raincoats

He whistled in vacuums
She was silent at the cinema

He hated hip hop
She played the staircase

He knew he was a fool
She “got” Beckett

He drank mouthwash
She gargled with whiskey

He shaved with mustard
She talked to cockroaches

He walked a Möbius strip
She lay astride a rhombus

He met God at a bake sale
She saw Beelzebub on a bicycle

He lived ten years in the future
She was always five minutes late

They were nothing alike

It was a very nice funeral.

Harris Coverley

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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