I Am a Little Gusher

I am a little gusher Gusher with a G Gushing here and gushing there In my poetry I am a monster stomper Stomper with an S I like to stomp on little gushers STOMP….there’s now one less I am a writer/satirist Writing things to share it Behaviours will attract my pen If your cap fitsContinue reading “I Am a Little Gusher”

Poet Don on Washing with Soap

You don’t hear this no more my flock What do we not now hear?…. Your mummy saying flannel/soap Wash behind your ears My mummy did last night Poet Don…. So did mine…. Poet Don is an expert in current parent/child language.We are honoured to have him with us He is a valuable asset to theContinue reading “Poet Don on Washing with Soap”

Poet Don Reporting on Chairman Mao’s Teeth

Chinese leader Mao Zedong Dined on yummy roe Never ever brushed his teeth Thought you’d like to know You are a mine of information…. Thankyou….. Poet Don is a valuable asset to the FCS Team,coming to us from the illustrious Poets Society Reporting on FCS daily, we are privilegedto have him as our news anchorContinue reading “Poet Don Reporting on Chairman Mao’s Teeth”

And No-One Sheds a Tear

What is lost will never be regainedAnd no-one sheds a tear Trees come down, a 100 years, in minutesAnd no-one sheds a tear Firewood sold by the tonneAnd no-one sheds a tear Fields covered in concrete, and not one cowAnd no-one sheds a tear Houses cover the fieldsAnd no-one sheds a tear Streams dry, creeksContinue reading “And No-One Sheds a Tear”

Sally and Sammy (two of Poet Don’s flock) Walked Off. Oh No…

Ms Van Lowen I really do thank you For calling police to assist In rounding up Sally and Sammy Who all of us here we have missed baa….baa….baa….baa…. Naughty ones Sally and Sammy Were gaily just wandering the streets Mowing each lawn as they passed by Chomping each flower they did meet baa…chomp….baa….chomp…. Police areContinue reading “Sally and Sammy (two of Poet Don’s flock) Walked Off. Oh No…”