Poet Don Reporting on Chairman Mao’s Teeth

Chinese leader Mao Zedong

Dined on yummy roe

Never ever brushed his teeth

Thought you’d like to know

You are a mine of information….


Poet Don is a valuable asset to the FCS Team,
coming to us from the illustrious Poets Society

Reporting on FCS daily, we are privileged
to have him as our news anchor

FCS Source

8 He Never Brushed His Teeth


Mao didn’t believe in dental hygiene. He steadfastly refused to brush his teeth. Instead, he would swish a cup of tea around his mouth every morning and hope for the best.

“I clean my teeth with tea,” Mao told a dentist. “I never brush them. A tiger never brushes his teeth. Why are a tiger’s teeth so sharp?”

The result was pretty disgusting. Mao’s teeth were so covered in plaque that one person described them as looking like they had been “painted with green paint.” His gums were infected. “When I touched the gums,” his doctor wrote, “pus oozed out.”

Worried about Mao’s health, his team insisted that he start brushing. But, at best, they’d get him to do it for a day. Then Mao would go right back to swishing with tea.

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4 thoughts on “Poet Don Reporting on Chairman Mao’s Teeth

      1. I will pass your message on to FCS management. Hopefully they can talk Poet Don into researching this. After all, yours Ms Hancock, is the first request to their news anchor FCS have had. You might just be in luck

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