Sally and Sammy (two of Poet Don’s flock) Walked Off. Oh No…

Ms Van Lowen I really do thank you

For calling police to assist

In rounding up Sally and Sammy

Who all of us here we have missed


Naughty ones Sally and Sammy

Were gaily just wandering the streets

Mowing each lawn as they passed by

Chomping each flower they did meet


Police are well-trained in human capture

But with Sally and Sammy? no clue

So just stood on guard quietly waiting

For experts in cows, kangaroos

(Same technique – attract with carrot,
stroke nose, then neck-hold….)

PD made contact with the animal shelter,
and yes, they had two lost sheep getting cosy-like with the kangaroos.
He picked them up quick smart.

Don Matthews (on behalf of Poet Don)
July 2020

Police guarding Sally and Sammy

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing around with words. And having fun

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