My Poems are Complaining of Overcrowding

I have two years of poems Waiting on my drive Screaming, yelling at me “Start blogging us up live” Do you see my problem? (2 years, one each day) No wonder they are crowded What more can I say? Stop talking and start posting. Get rid of our backlog…..Do your poems talk back to youContinue reading “My Poems are Complaining of Overcrowding”

It’s Your Fault Neurons

I’ve built myself a website A steep and bloody curve Received my Learners Permit The blogosphere to serve I don’t know who is out there I don’t know who I’ll meet Excite-like feeling venture I hope can stay on feet Much of my work is different (To the normal stuff) Spilling out from out myContinue reading “It’s Your Fault Neurons”