My Muse Thalia

Thalia’s my Muse of Mirth(All poets need a muse)For when I go blank (writer’s block)Thale comes, helps me with clues Thale and I we form a teamShe shares my website titleFlippant, Comic, SeriousTo poet me, she’s vital Like now, I don’t know what to sayCome Thale I need your help…. She says she’s on aContinue reading “My Muse Thalia”

WordPress and Me. A Marriage Made in Heaven

I love our union, WordPress (Must not forget cap P) I find it so exciting wordpress and poet me Shit…forgot the P Learning code? I’m past it (Remember, Don, cap P) I would be more than hopeless Word Press come marry me Shit!.. there’s no space Take me with your hidden code Make all myContinue reading “WordPress and Me. A Marriage Made in Heaven”

My Poems are Complaining of Overcrowding

I have two years of poems Waiting on my drive Screaming, yelling at me “Start blogging us up live” Do you see my problem? (2 years, one each day) No wonder they are crowded What more can I say? Stop talking and start posting. Get rid of our backlog…..Do your poems talk back to youContinue reading “My Poems are Complaining of Overcrowding”