Preparing for the arrival of our family at our humble Bloggers Vale abode

My work is a mixture of fantasy, imagination, offbeat poetry and humour. If you like what I do come along for the ride. I like experimenting and trying out new things. Some things work, some things don’t. As with any experiment. I come with collection of characters I have developed over time. As they willContinue reading “Preparing for the arrival of our family at our humble Bloggers Vale abode”

They Came, They Saw, They Concreted (Nothing much has changed Joni)

This track into town is so bendy Trying to avoid all the trees Our car’s getting rattly and dusty Mr Politician what can you do please? (Because I want to get re-elected) And seen as a pro-active type To the Minister of Roads I have given Your request, and your problem, your plight Thankyou MrContinue reading “They Came, They Saw, They Concreted (Nothing much has changed Joni)”

My Neurons are Waking Up from Lockdown

My neurons are waking up from lockdown Jeez, how will I cope with the rush? My bod has been locked down a whole month Now looking for new pastures, lush Imagine my problem dear bloggers When neurons start spying this lush They’re gonna rev up into overdrive I hope I survive in the rush They’veContinue reading “My Neurons are Waking Up from Lockdown”

Thalia and I are Settling in Nicely

My Muse of Mirth Thalia and myself are settling into Bloggers Vale nicely. Nice upmarket suburb. Affordable rent. Nice landlord WP. Could’ve spent a bit more but this has all the necessary mod cons for our humble needs. Thale says if there’s a plug missing we just ask WP. He’s got plugins a’plenty. Haven’t yetContinue reading “Thalia and I are Settling in Nicely”

My Internet Lamp Purchase

I just bought this lamp on the internet Firm sounded good. Great website Good reviews. Plenty of them So thought I gotta have one Gave them my bank details Hundred bucks. Bit rich But the site got good writeups. Seemed reputable So I thought looks OK. No hitch What was the lamp? A covid-curing lamp.Continue reading “My Internet Lamp Purchase”