Spike and I and the Factory of Human Daleks

Spike and I were born in The factory of human Daleks With powers of creating great mayhem Together with cries “what the heck” Now Milligan and I we are often On a roll, out of control His uncontrolled roll made him famous Will I become famous in my role? We both share a born-with conditionContinue reading “Spike and I and the Factory of Human Daleks”

Rhymer to Rhymer

Rhymer to rhymer Metronome beating Doing what it should Rhyming a greeting Rhymer to rhymer I like playing round With all the rhyming Meters I’ve found Rhymer to rhymer Pull words from your sack Metronome use them To reach me, rhyme back Rhymer to rhymer Make yourself known Beat with me using Your metronome RhymerContinue reading “Rhymer to Rhymer”

It’s Your Fault Neurons

I’ve built myself a website A steep and bloody curve Received my Learners Permit The blogosphere to serve I don’t know who is out there I don’t know who I’ll meet Excite-like feeling venture I hope can stay on feet Much of my work is different (To the normal stuff) Spilling out from out myContinue reading “It’s Your Fault Neurons”