All of us are Mortal

All of us are mortal

All of us will die

Richard Penniman just died

All did say goodbye

Reader, you are mortal

Reader, you will die

I as poet also will

All will say goodbye

Which made me start to wonder

Where I will go next?

If you get there before me

Just let me know by text

Don Matthews

May 2020

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

5 thoughts on “All of us are Mortal

  1. Please let me know when you go, I’d hate to not have the chance to say goodbye. I have this fear with many distant friends that we’ll never get the chance.


  2. Mobile phone companies in the UK reuse phone numbers of the deceased. I got a text from a man saying that he was missing his deceased dad and asking what heaven was like, he must have left a phone in the coffin. I am a Born Again Christian so replied: “You ought to see the size of my Guardian Angel’s wings. The feast is great fun but you can only get to heaven if you give all your money to the poor.” I sometimes wonder if the man became any nearer to God after my text from the grave.


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