Drug Lord’s Odd Plea

Drug lord Rafael Quintero Is trying to avoid his arrest For murdering an FBI agent Giving reasons which he think are best I’ve got no money…. I’m too old to work…. I haven’t got a pension… https://www.republicworld.com/world-news/rest-of-the-world-news/mexican-drug-lord-pleads-poverty-in-bid-to-escape-arrest.html https://youtu.be/wjkWpLSeG2g Don MatthewsMay 2020

We’re in a Quandry Thale and I

(Thalia’s my Muse of Mirth. She warms to me when I call her Thale) It’s a nice apartment Thale Just the right size for the two of us Bloggers Vale….. Nice suburb. Affordable rent Pool’s nice. Bit big you think? Nice neighbours They want to visit? Bring their speedboats? Maybe we should have got aContinue reading “We’re in a Quandry Thale and I”

Some People Think I’m Silly

Some people think I’m silly I guess, suppose, I am But so was someone else from here A guy called Milligan He did become quite famous Made people smile, laugh, cheer Can I then famous yet become By nonsensing on here? Although I’m silly as a wheel I have a serious side The trick isContinue reading “Some People Think I’m Silly”

Build and Destroy

Our car industry has closed down so we are on the lookout for new industries. We have a great new industry Building submarines To sail submerged beneath the waves All long and sleek and mean We now have new one going Submarine destroyers Which sail above the ocean waves (We’re waiting for some buyers) OfContinue reading “Build and Destroy”

The Misinformed and Dangerous Antivax Movement

All babies are born with a deficiency A deficiency of vitamin K Without an injection to provide it Some could bleed internally and die The mother doesn’t want the injection. She has the right to refuse this treatment for her child But the child also has the right of protection Against possible brain damage andContinue reading “The Misinformed and Dangerous Antivax Movement”