Preparing for the arrival of our family at our humble Bloggers Vale abode

Our humble abode at Bloggers Vale

My work is a mixture of fantasy, imagination, offbeat poetry and humour. If you like what I do come along for the ride. I like experimenting and trying out new things. Some things work, some things don’t. As with any experiment.

I come with collection of characters I have developed over time. As they will be living at our new residence in Bloggers Vale Thale and I are slowly getting guest bedrooms organized.

They are:

Thalia, my Muse of Mirth.

Constant companion. The driving force behind ‘Flippant, Comic and Serious’. Actually I didn’t create her. She lived on Mt Olympus and came on a Bus Tour with her other muses to our site. It was a mate-seeking tour. Thalia and I bonded at first sight. She goes back to Olympus for holidays on a regular basis to meet her muse friends I have to batch. I cope.

Thalia in a pensive mood. High-class lady. Sips Earl Grey from a china teacup

Lucy L : Head of Publicity Like-Minders Society . I will tell you more about her and LMS when she arrives.

Saucy lady. Downs double whiskies, but does a good job

Little R : Lucy’s musical friend (Awaiting photo shoot)

Molly : Lucy’s sister (Camera-shy)

Ethel and Bert : Pensioner couple. Bert only went to kindergarten so a bit slow. Ethel pretends she’s the fount of all knowledge. Deeply devoted to each other. Bert thinks he’s real.


G’day bloggers

Skip’s my drinking buddy. Drinks me under the table. I take him for a ride round the block when I get home from work. We get a few stares but what the heck. Skip’s eying off the pool. Thinks it’s a swimming hole.

Janet : My alien spacecraft co-pilot friend. ‘Co’ not ‘pilot’ cos I scripted her a bit slow

Pilot having a rest. Janet in charge

blip…blip….Janet calling Don…..come in Don

Not now Janet, I’m busy


Time to head back to our humble abode at Bloggers Vale. Plenty of decorating to do. Come on Thale. You’ve got curtains to hang.

Don Matthews

May 2020

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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