Helping the Declining Bee Population

True recent Adelaide story Bees are decliningI have barrel beesWine barrel was emptyLooks good said the bees Society (bee) contactedOffered bees/barrelFree on exchange forAnother wine barrel Our call-out fee costsYou fifty dollarsAnd hourly rate bee workIs twenty five dollars And I thought I was doing something for the environment and declining bee population?…… Don MatthewsDecemberContinue reading “Helping the Declining Bee Population”

How Gullible Are You?

1800’s I like to pride myselfNot being gullibleThen why fall I to adverts To Dye’s Voltaic Belt From Dr Dye Male corset guaranteed to“Restore manly vigour” Forerunner of Viagra I suppose…… ————– Then there was that time when “Sloan’s Liniment ” I bought.Good for “Man or Beast” they said.Does what they say it aught. IContinue reading “How Gullible Are You?”