France’s Expensive 2014 Train Bungle

We just have bought a new train fleetThe country’s joy and prideAppears we have a problem thoughCan’t squeeze past, seems too wide…. 2,000 trains ordered. Too big for 1,300 stationsWrong measurements given to manufacturer. Calculations based on 30-year-old station widths. No-one bothered to verify. 1,300 stations needed altering Estimated damage value $68 million Don MatthewsAugustContinue reading “France’s Expensive 2014 Train Bungle”

France’s Expensive Train Bungle

Year: 2014Location: FranceCompany: RFF gave the wrong dimensions to SNCFEstimated Damage Value: $68 million* Companies like¬†American Airlines¬†might be busy ruling the skies, but what about the rails? Railways and the Metro are heavily used in France, so when the train operator SNCF decided to invest in a new transportation project it seemed like a good idea atContinue reading “France’s Expensive Train Bungle”