The Noaa-N Prime Satellite Drop

Year: 2003Location: Sunnyvale, CaliforniaCompany: Lockheed Martin Space SystemsEstimated Damage Value: $135 million* Satellites might look like big, inelegant hunks of metal, but they’re complex pieces of machinery that take a ton of money and expertise to make. So, when one gets knocked over, it’s not a case of simply sticking it back together with glue. Back inContinue reading “The Noaa-N Prime Satellite Drop”

France’s Expensive Train Bungle

Year: 2014Location: FranceCompany: RFF gave the wrong dimensions to SNCFEstimated Damage Value: $68 million* Companies like American Airlines might be busy ruling the skies, but what about the rails? Railways and the Metro are heavily used in France, so when the train operator SNCF decided to invest in a new transportation project it seemed like a good idea atContinue reading “France’s Expensive Train Bungle”