My Sunday Write

My neurons are feeling bit sorryFor pulling the pin yesterdayThey said they’ll now give me some overtimeAnd do it without any pay Aren’t they nice?…… So what can do you today Don?Work us real hard (with no pay)Make lotsa neural connectionsLead us thy hallowed, thine way Shit, they’re getting religious. Time to stop……. Yesterday’s pin-pullingContinue reading “My Sunday Write”

How Come Don?

I have so many ideasComing out my headI really can’t/don’t follow“I’ve writer’s block” when said My mind’s strung out in overloadYou ask me why? how come?Writers block’s a myth to me(But not it seems to some) How come Don? My bloody pesky neuronsJust won’t give me a breakThey simply keep on partyingAnd tell me goContinue reading “How Come Don?”

Aha My Clock’s Turned Sunday

Aha my clock’s turned Sunday Saturday’s out of sight Come on mind, don’t let me down Whatever can I write? (Mind…think….think….) Poet what you looking at? A page that’s bloody blank I need a poem on it for My editor to frank (Mind…think….think….think….think….think….) But Sunday is my day of rest You’ll have to wait ’tilContinue reading “Aha My Clock’s Turned Sunday”

My Neurons Now Want Cap N

When I first met Thalia, I referred to her as muse Thalia She was not happy. She thought she was more special than just your ordinary garden-variety muse. She wanted Muse Thalia. Knowing how important it is to keep one’s muse happy I obliged. Anyhow, my neurons think they might try it now. What’s thatContinue reading “My Neurons Now Want Cap N”