How Come Don?

I have so many ideas
Coming out my head
I really can’t/don’t follow
“I’ve writer’s block” when said

My mind’s strung out in overload
You ask me why? how come?
Writers block’s a myth to me
(But not it seems to some)

How come Don?

My bloody pesky neurons
Just won’t give me a break
They simply keep on partying
And tell me go eat cake


Don Matthews
June 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

7 thoughts on “How Come Don?

  1. Yep, overactive imagination they call it. Mine only hits when I’m either trying to get to sleep, or just as I wake up, in the half-awake zone. Then it’s a race to write something down before it disappears forever…


    1. My overactive imagination is due to being diagnosed bipolar manic. Like Spike. Whicc explains the attraction. It’s there 24/7. Is that why I employ humour to counteract it? Possibly. I know the feeling you mention. You suddenly get a great idea out driving and hope it’s still there when you get to your notebook. Usually is. Amazing too how a simply nonsense rhyme verse can tumble out with no effort. We’re doomed Bryn…..

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      1. Thought that might be the case, but I suppose it’s better out, written down and moved on from in verse form, than rattling around creating mischief inside your head I guess…


      2. I couldn’t write what I do without this……imagine how boring I’d be Bryn… all the other boring conventional writers out there……I need to medicate to keep things under control but as the GP said we just need to cap things but still leave that creative edge, don’t want to turn you into a zombie Don…..I like my GP……I don’t regard what I’ve got as an illness, just an issue. It’s how I deal with it what counts….

        Here goes with my attempt as a boring writer….I feel the bores (boring thoughts) building up Bryn…yep here they come…..

        I am a boring writer
        What do bees do? yep buzz
        And butterflies they flap their wings
        Why do they do? becuzz

        Shit Bryn it comes out funny even when I try my best to be boring…..I’m doomed

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