Space X Got More Trouble

Space X got more troubleWith it’s SN9Took off very nicelyLanding not so fine Starship in DecemberAlso went awryTook off very nicelyThen fell from the sky Elon says no worriesWe’ll get you to the starsWe’ll fix up all these minor probsHere we all come, Mars Small step for ElonBig step for you Don MatthewsFebruary 2021

Cyberdiapers by Tesla

Elon’s making cyberdiapers Elon ‘Spaceman’ Musk Tech researching, (heavy stuff) It’s been a daunting task It has these built-in autolights A feature autocrawl No longer will your baby need Exert themselves and haul It has a beaut translator To help you when you dabble Speaking with your little one For meaningful-like babble What would aContinue reading “Cyberdiapers by Tesla”

Kayne for President Yay!

Kayne West is running for President Hey yippee hey yippee yay He’s now switched allegiance from Donald To stand on his own, yippee aye The billionaire rapper sneaker mogul Has help with his top-spotted race From curvaceous wife Kim Kardashian And Elon Musk (party head of space) His party he’s called ‘Birthday Party’ Sing heyContinue reading “Kayne for President Yay!”