Covid’s Pounced Up On Me. Little Buggers

Covid’s floating round aboutHey guys there goes DonLet’s go bugger up his dayLet’s go sit upon Little buggers found me outWell shit and bugger meYou didn’t wear your mask we seeYour mask we didn’t see They said we could throw them away……Well shit and bugger me I sayYou turned your back on us (they said)You thoughtContinue reading “Covid’s Pounced Up On Me. Little Buggers”

I’d Rather Have a Handful

I’d rather have a handfulOf bloggers to engageThan scores of active followersEngaging me on stage Scores of active followersMight appeal to youBut I’d be left with no time forCreating what I do Having always to respondTo comments on my postsNo time would be left for me toDo what I want most….. Create…….. Don MatthewsNovember 2022