I’d Rather Have a Handful

I’d rather have a handful
Of bloggers to engage
Than scores of active followers
Engaging me on stage

Scores of active followers
Might appeal to you
But I’d be left with no time for
Creating what I do

Having always to respond
To comments on my posts
No time would be left for me to
Do what I want most…..


Don Matthews
November 2022

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

5 thoughts on “I’d Rather Have a Handful

    1. Sheesh…. If I had a 100’s (like our friend Fan) I could never afford the time to chat at length with you. I would miss that. As would Skip….

      WP is wrong to ‘boost your ego’ by congratulating you on achieving 800 followers. Rubbish. Why Mr WP do I only get 10 comments from 800 so-called ‘followers’. Come back to reality. Reprogram yourself. You’re only doing it to make yourself feel good.

      What? Don’t be cruel?………

      You take my money. I want value for money….

      Seriously, I have one in the pipeline re this. Entitled ‘Congratulations Donald’. Me, not the other one. Comes from WP boss and minions. Some minions Fan calls ‘Happiness Engineers’. useless he says……..

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