Humour Don’t Sell Papers

I’ve just read today’s paper It’s full of doom and gloom Murders, killing, destruction, death Children being groomed Headlines blare out constantly SEX FIEND IS EXPOSED There’s so much negativity (The paper I have closed) Why can’t I read, enjoy myself With lots of humour, rife? Instead of being subjected to This gutter side ofContinue reading “Humour Don’t Sell Papers”

World Hula Hoop Champion. And I Thought it was Just About Twirling Round Your Waist…

Me at 0.05 showing my expertise at the height of the craze You think the craze has come and gone? Think again. Jon Coyne aka Hoopsmiles has just the workout for your flabby muscles…. So go buy yourself a pumpkin and start twirling…..

Poet Don Q&A on Stupid

Someone called me, Poet Don Something they called ‘stupid’ I had to go and look it up Am I?….. No my son. You knew how to look it up I feel much better now….thankyou You’re welcome…. FCS’s Q&A sessions with Poet Don answer many questions on people’s minds We are very fortunate to have himContinue reading “Poet Don Q&A on Stupid”

Poet Don Explains Holy Moly to the Class

When I was just a boy at school To show my great surprise I called out ‘holy moly’ And opened wide my eyes (blank looks all round….)(I should be in adult education….) Poet Don runs the FCS Children’s Education UnitHe is devoted to giving them a solid grounding in their future journey in lifeThe kiddiesContinue reading “Poet Don Explains Holy Moly to the Class”

John Travolta Comes to Town

John Travolta has just been to our town Multimillionaire, Scientologist, movie star He loves it and wants to come back here Travel round in his limousine car An autograph? Yes, but will cost you Dollars 200 (quick scrawl) It took him just only few seconds You look what you got. Is that all? You wantContinue reading “John Travolta Comes to Town”