Imperfect Leaders

We bemoan the poor standards of politicians And saintly types don’t always work For all have clay feet till proved otherwise There are flaws in us all that do lurk Ideally our leaders should be models And perfect in every way But leaders just mirror society So don’t hold your breath, I do say DonContinue reading “Imperfect Leaders”

Poet Don Reporting on World Mud Day

Today it is World Mud Day Gooey gloopy mud Vital for our kiddies When they’re in their bud Parents take note: Mud helps creativity Promotes imagination, resourcefulness, free expression And,triggers that happy chemical, serotonin So, parents, a mud-wallow paddle pool is a must for happy kiddies. Washing muddy clothes will be well worth the effortContinue reading “Poet Don Reporting on World Mud Day”

Overpopulation. Taboo Subject

Raising overpopulation No-one wants to say Just too hard, simply taboo Discussion? Not today Intelligent academics All shy away (taboo) No-one wants to talk about it Just too hard. Taboo An effective way to put this in motion? Empower women in developing countries Provide education, career opportunities Everything wins – society, economy, environment We shouldContinue reading “Overpopulation. Taboo Subject”