Increase the Population

Let’s face the honest truthToo much of me and youThe world is over-populatedWhat are we gonna do? Nothing…… Increase the populationRoll out the urban sprawlIncrease the populationBuild houses wall to wall I give up…… The planet can only support a finite population…… It’s a problem. I can’t see a solution bar makingit too expensive toContinue reading “Increase the Population”

Pigeon Lives Matter

I am a little pigeonHopping on my feetEating food and debrisLeft around on street By doing this I help stopOther vermin dearthPreventing humans slipping as theyWalk along the path I work all day quite tirelesslyI do it all for freeWould think that this would please themOr would think so to me They say we’ve takenContinue reading “Pigeon Lives Matter”

Overpopulation. Taboo Subject

Raising overpopulation No-one wants to say Just too hard, simply taboo Discussion? Not today Intelligent academics All shy away (taboo) No-one wants to talk about it Just too hard. Taboo An effective way to put this in motion? Empower women in developing countries Provide education, career opportunities Everything wins – society, economy, environment We shouldContinue reading “Overpopulation. Taboo Subject”

Too Many People. Cracks are Appearing at Last

One of the reasons for Covid’s Destruction worldwide (and so vast) Is too many people, overcrowding Cracks are appearing at last Animal populations that breed fast Out of control, if not culled By us, or by nature, turn plague-like Rapidly get out of control In this regard we are no different Reduction of population’s aContinue reading “Too Many People. Cracks are Appearing at Last”