Pigeon Lives Matter

I am a little pigeonHopping on my feetEating food and debrisLeft around on street By doing this I help stopOther vermin dearthPreventing humans slipping as theyWalk along the path I work all day quite tirelesslyI do it all for freeWould think that this would please themOr would think so to me They say we’ve takenContinue reading “Pigeon Lives Matter”

Poet Don on Pigeon Feathers

Here is a fact (may surprise you) The feathers of a pigeon weigh more Than bones which do make up said pigeon Of which, my flock, there’s more than four You’re right Poet DonI counted five in my dissection class…. Poet Don is from the illustrious Poets Society (and an expert in pigeon trivia).We areContinue reading “Poet Don on Pigeon Feathers”