Control to circling spaceshipsLaser-testing eyeWe’re getting no reactionAnd have no idea why…. Bill Domonkos is a filmmaker, GIF maker and stereoscopist from San Francisco, USA. The artist combines 2D and 3D computer animation, special effects, photography and manipulated archive film footage to create unique moving images, each telling a different, surreal story. Don MatthewsJanuary 2022

Priscilla Establishes Alien Contact

Cilla contacts aliensKeeps in touch dailyEvidence she has for usScroll right down and see…. Don MatthewsJuly 2021 Just been thrust into lockdownTold my neurons give me a break. Take a holiday.They flatly refused. Go jump they said (hope yours have better manners than mine). Demanded I post their work immediately. So, I apologise for aContinue reading “Priscilla Establishes Alien Contact”