Tulsa. A Recipe for Trouble

Trump begins his re-election campaign in Tulsa Tens of thousands of supportersIn an enclosed arena While coronavirus is spiking Who cares?Trump wants to be re-elected A recipe for trouble The courts have ruledWearing of masks is not required A recipe for trouble The city braces for race riotsOther destructive and violent groupsPlan to infiltrate AContinue reading “Tulsa. A Recipe for Trouble”

Damn Neurons are at it Again

Slow down mind I’m having trouble Processing what you do Us neurons having party Don Cock-a-doodle-doo Don’t blame us for our party Your lockdown is at fault We’ve lost our source of inspiration Our thinking’s now on halt Shit, whatever can I do To shut this party down? Have a drink, or two, or threeContinue reading “Damn Neurons are at it Again”

Social Distancing Gone Out the Door

Restrictions are lifting in Adelaide Stores are now opening their door Crowds everywhere, not a worry, not a care Social distancing gone out of the door I know there’s a delicate balance ‘Tween lockdown and viable trade And decisions in lifting restrictions Require thought, not easily made But to me it is so very obviousContinue reading “Social Distancing Gone Out the Door”