Helping the Declining Bee Population

True recent Adelaide story Bees are decliningI have barrel beesWine barrel was emptyLooks good said the bees Society (bee) contactedOffered bees/barrelFree on exchange forAnother wine barrel Our call-out fee costsYou fifty dollarsAnd hourly rate bee workIs twenty five dollars And I thought I was doing something for the environment and declining bee population?…… Don MatthewsDecemberContinue reading “Helping the Declining Bee Population”

Ronnie (Poet) Gusher

Hello there…… My name is Ronnie Gusher(Ronnie with an R)From my mouth gush poetryGush (yep) wide and far Please gush more Ronnie……. We love you do…… Flutterbys are flitteringWatch them flitter flitterLook! there goes a golden oneGlitter glitter glitter (They’re swooning……) Hark, the buzzing bees (my flock)Sipping nectar/honeySee this hat here at my feet?Donations forContinue reading “Ronnie (Poet) Gusher”