And You?

My poetry is different
Different from the rest
Will it stand the time
Will it stand the test?

Skip? (my drinking buddy)

Fame and fortune awaits you…..

Isn’t he nice?….

Priscilla? (our FCS resident cat)


Ralph? (our FCS resident dog)

Ralph, I’m talking to you….

Indistinct woof which I’m taking as ditto….

Poet Don?

Don’t ask me I’m just the news reporter

And you?



Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

16 thoughts on “And You?

    1. Knowing I wanted to feature a cat a lot on the site I had to give it a name. ‘Priscilla’ has that immediate meow appeal don’t you think? She wandered into FCS one day, thought hey this looks good, and decided to stay. As you know cats can be charming one moment and catty the next. Told her mess me too much and she’s back out on the street……


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