My rhymes are getting harder
To now construct with wit
Why this is I do not know
Maybe I’m past it?

They’re getting kinda puerile
Childish, silly, wot
Lacking depth and meaning
Have I lost the plot?

One day it all comes easy
The next day, gone, all shot
I wonder what is going on
Have I lost the plot?

Am I too focused much on
Churning poems out?
Should I change and go more to a
Quality-type route?

I guess I’ll really never know
What is going on
Just carry on regardless
Rhyming rhyming


Don Matthews
December 2022

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

13 thoughts on “Rhymes

    1. Ha…..what makes something a poem? I don’t really know. I know more about rhyming/half rhyming etc. I like the challenge. Bit like you. Bit like the challenge of a crossword. Sometimes end up purile which I don’t like. Have I lost the ability? One thing I do know though good rhyme is hard to write. Why not many poets do it. Easier to write prose and call it a poem. Call it lazy if you like. Here is my prose poem


      I have writ this poem
      It has deep meaning
      Come wallow in my meaning

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