The Family that Guns Together Stays Together

We are a happy family
Christmas time (you see?)
Presents all around about
Bullets on the tree

Ben got an AK9…….

Was on his wish list……

Our turkey’s on the table
Shot with Johnny’s gun
(Took a while to bleed out)
Eating will be fun

Betty got a surprise…….

Russian ack ack……

Her trigger finger
needs working on……

We go to church on Sunday
Have our guns all blessed
Priest he does the honours
(Pope was once our guest)

Gave him a demo in the churchyard……

Neighbours not impressed……

Dawn service……

The smiling man in photograph
Is top-man pollie me
We send this as a Christmas card
For all our friends to see

They all vote for us……

We very happy. Get lots of donations……

And all of us are members (yep)
Of the NRA
Bang bang here (yep) bang bang there
Have a happy day

A massacre at the local school?


Don Matthews
November 2022

Blessing of the guns. Pope is off camera left

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I just like playing round with words. And having fun

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