Do you know what linonophobia is?
Billy does

I am linonophobic
Phobic ’bout this thing
What is this thing I’m phobic ’bout ?

Linono which doth frighten me
(Linono with an L)
Is any kind of thing of string

Ding ding ding……

I cannot do no sewing
I cannot tie my shoes
I’m linononphobic
(I drown my fear in booze)

Glug glug glug……

The victim of a kidnap
They tied me up with rope
Tight, extremely painful
I now fear any rope

I’m now linonophobic

I knew a friend who once saw
A tied-up on TV
A kidnap victim yes it was
Traumatic, on the screen

Now linonophobic……


A person can develop a fear of any kind of string
from a trauma to themselves or even seen.

Your homework: Learn this word.
I will test you next week

Now for something both serious and sad in this video

Don Matthews
November 2022

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

6 thoughts on “Linonophobia

      1. No, I don’t doubt the condition itself. Just the authenticity of the video. I checked out the YouTube channel and this person has only one video, and while reading the captions in the video, and even listening to the dialogues, it appears that they’re actually making fun of this phobia. Maybe I’m just looking too deep…


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