Walmart TV Pickup

Went to pick my TV up
From the Walmart store
Said there was a problem
Seems got dropped on floor…..

Don Matthews
December 2021

This looks like a Walmart. I was an overnight Stocker. Saw TVs and other electronics literally fall 4ft off a pallet that was being moved off of racking, and get put on the shelf for sale without being checked for damage. Nobody cared about the product they were getting minimum wage to put on a shelf.

Another commenter (no verification)

The worst thing about Wal-mart and their electronics isn’t THIS, though. What the public doesn’t know is that you aren’t buying REAL Samsungs, Sonys, etc. You are buying spec’ed electronics that are made by the manufacturer specifically for Walmart. The specs require that they use reclaimed parts instead of new ones–so as many of the electronic components inside AREN’T NEW–they have been recycled, refurbished, etc. (If you look the company up in Westlaw or other legal databases, you should be able to find cases where it’s been litigated over). So the “new” flatscreen you get is hardly new. That’s why the things only last about a year before they start dying. But it’s also how they can offer that stuff so cheap. “Too good to be true” should be the Walmart brand motto.

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