I’m Not Too Good at Pool

I’m not too good at pool I’m ‘fraid
Eyesight’s not the best
Just play around with ball and cue
Luck takes care of rest…..


Don Matthews
August 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

16 thoughts on “I’m Not Too Good at Pool

    1. All too buffled for me…..

      Whether subtle/shuffle
      Or take your huffle/hustle
      Don’t go for snooker/poker
      It’s all just froth and fluffle….

      He must lead a boring like mum?

      “It’s rude to talk about other people like this


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    1. Mum? Mister David has recommended I practice my curtsey. Where do I learn this?…..

      There’s a local School of Curtsey around the corner dear. Good suggestion from Mr David. You never know when you might be called to blow up her barrow…..


      1. A profound utterance David. You must have a direct line to Her Impotence. I have just discovered (via Reginald’s mother – Reggie has taken his first lesson) that Her Impotence runs the School of Curtsy Franchise network (globally) …And that she has a direct line to the Queen. What a lady David…..Not only a successful Her Impotence, risen to the top of her trade, but also a successful businesswoman, training up little Reggies around the world in readiness to be called to the Queen.

        Her Impotence I salute you…….


  1. She’s certainly the power behind
    the throne, Don. An integral part of
    the establishment. The ever present Mother of Recreational Punishment.
    That’s how the aristocracy works,
    with a crack of the whip and a spank.


      1. You don’t have to think hard over Andrew and Jeffry what went on there. A bit of spanky I’d say.

        What did Nelson Mandela say when he met the Queen? (no he didn’t curtsy). “You’ve lost weight Elizabeth” I’m told this is true……


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