Don’t Listen to Him

I’m not a top-rate poet
Not in the upper class
I’m just a normal Aussie
Sometimes a pain in arse

Don’t listen to him….

Don Matthews
July 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

12 thoughts on “Don’t Listen to Him

  1. Hi Don ,… I was wondering if could do a search for me in your WP reader … 17 hours ago GDGC, posted their Promote Yourself Monday article … but it went up with another GDGC post ..called ..Published -July- Megha Sood … so the post appeared in share box of the reader … I think, maybe you may have not seen it this dual post …


      1. Things ain’t normal these days mate…
        “What Is Normal My Son?”

        Breakfast and a hot cuppa
        Under my cosy verandah
        As per normal, if it’s not too chilly
        And I’m having my normal courtyard chat
        With my friends, Phillip the penguin
        And the wise old owl, Oscar
        We’re talking about the future
        Whether life will ever be normal again

        Oscar quietly hoots
        “What is normal my son”
        Little Phillip chirped in
        “Normal is a state of mind
        A comfort zone in time
        Like swimming in the deep blue sea everyday”
        Oscar agreed with Phillip
        “Normal’s being perched in the same tree every night”
        Oscar and Phillip grinned, and nodded at each other
        And I listened and pondered

        Smiling at my two furry companions
        I added, “Our old normal, won’t be normal anymore”
        Oscar’s brows lowered, and he said
        ” As per normal these days
        We shall patiently try to adapt, then wait and see
        What colour the new normal turns out to be
        Black, white, or green like the trees
        Maybe the striped yellow, of our life-giving bees


      2. This is what I call a normal poem. To add a touch of abnormality , along with you drinking your tea you need to get Phillip into port and Oscar orange juice… that would be a new normal poem…..

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