Levitation Helps Lactation

This skill is very difficult
Involves deep concentration
But when you get the hang of it
It helps with your lactation….

I wanna learn this mum . …….

I wanna lactate more…..

Don Matthews
July 2021

Been just thrust into lockdown
Told my neurons give me a break. Take a holiday.
They flatly refused. Go jump they said (hope yours have better
manners than mine). Demanded I post their work immediately.

So, I apologise for a sudden burst of their work while in lockdown.
The’re bored and want to keep busy. I can’t win……


Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

22 thoughts on “Levitation Helps Lactation

    1. Nice one David…..shouldn’t it be titty pitty?

      As in

      I am a titty pittier
      You don’t have tits like me?
      Spent lots of gym work getting these
      I’ll open blouse, you see?

      Yikes! They’re tittier than Jennifers….

      And done private not through the NHS……

      Have a feel. None of this non-stick stuff…..

      Shit, you’re corrupting me David……


  1. No. North Queensland is
    footloose and covid free.
    I actually feel a bit naked
    walking around without
    a mask 😷 Sadly, heading
    home soon to a Pandemic
    Dan Lock Down πŸ”’πŸ˜΅


      1. Not this time, Don. We’d have
        to drive back the long way
        through the Northern Territory,
        and South Australia, in order to
        avoid the N.S.W. border.
        We drove the Stuart Highway,
        through Alice Springs, all the
        way to Darwin a couple of years
        ago. Linda now refuses to be
        stuck riding shotgun that long
        ever again 😭
        So we’re flying RatsJet✈️ . . .
        Pandemic Dan allowing? πŸ€”


      2. RatsJet have lifted their game I hear. Put sieves on front of their engines. No more geese being sucked in. Learnt from Rodney Stewart’s unfortunate experience. You don’t know about this? Stay tuned. FCS roving reporter Poet Don has the story cued up. Who’s he you ask.? Don’t ask silly questions……

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I tried to sneak a goose aboard
        a RatsJet flight, but it made my
        hand luggage too heavy. I had no
        money to pay the RatsJet extra
        weight levy, so sadly I let that
        goose loose on the runway ✈️
        . . . Oops! πŸ’₯ Sorry 😳


      1. I’ve read it’s not good there. And these stupid idiots breaking all the rules for a protest rally. They deserve to get it an be hospitalised. We are out of our 7-day lockdown tomorrow night but still with restrictions…..


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