10 thoughts on “Stan and Perc at Work

      1. Thanks…..it’s an interesting approach this is following….I’m putting forward a humourous slant on something far from humourous……complete disregard for safety and downright dangerous…..is this a human trait that we laugh at people doing these unsafe /stupid things?…….if it suddenly went all wrong we wouldn’t find it funny at all …….I find our reaction to these real pics interesting…..I’m not an expert in human behaviour but would be interesting to understand why……

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      2. I bet there’s a psychology of it for sure. I think we may find it funny due to the disregard for safety—the thought, “How could anyone be so careless?” comes to mind. If it did end tragically, it wouldn’t be a laughing matter but as we see the dangerous circumstances with these workers and that they survive (somehow), it’s humorous for the potential that could happen and what could go wrong. Just my take on it. 🙂


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