Happy Santa

I am a happy Santa
Make kiddies happy too
They love me when I cuddle them
And ring my sleigh bells too….

Don Matthews
April 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

11 thoughts on “Happy Santa

      1. The docs equivalent needs to intervene

        Don’t follow Cassa sorry?

        On another level, maybe parents need screening to ensure their child is suited to sitting on Santa’s knee. Would alleviate the problem of shit I paid big money for you to sit on Santa’s lap and you do this?


      2. I meant Children Sevices needs to prevent parents from traumatising their children like the photo shows…. it’s an exaggerated way I put it…I believe children are very resilient, they will be ok… They are likely to laugh at the photo when they grow up…


      3. Got you…..they’re not too happy now…not that I’ve been a FC but I can’t imagine kids acting like this. I can however think some parents seeing this as amusing and almost encouraging it…..much is the pity


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