More About Me

I am a happy rhymer
Work in silly genre
I have a lotta followers
Who say go Don good onya

I am a rhymer, happy
Work in genre silly
Follow me a lotta do
Willy nilly Billy

Your name’s Donny….


Don Matthews
March 21021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

7 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. Don, me mon: I have lived in a world of acronyms, nyms with acrobatic stealth and agility, nyms that get pronounced like real words, mind ye. In that world, PLDN would likely be pronounced ‘ploddin’.

    Tho’t ye might like to know that, cuz it matters with artificially large mounds of mattering.


    1. Jeez Ed, you raise a couple of interesting and confusing points here.

      What confuses me is this is not the language of a Californian (but don’t fret I’m OK with that)

      While I can understand and appreciate your hard-gained acrobatic skill with nyms, how did you fare with acros? Don’t be embarrassed if you failed ‘Acro (Div 4)’ …it’s damn tough

      PLDN is certainly living up to it’s name of ‘ploddin’. Onward and upward they say Ed……

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  2. I am not embarrassed at all. I advanced to ‘Acro (Div 5)’ and eventually earned a black belt in multiple Acro Arts. Of course, I have since mostly atrophied and withered and there’s not much acro left in these old bones.


    1. It is quite an achievement getting to ‘Acro (Div5)’…well done….wow! black belt in Acro Arts…that is something…do you still have your dobok? …..pinned to the wall on display still?

      Ignore him. He gets like this at times……..


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