11 thoughts on “From the FCS Book of Questions Needing Answers

    1. Plastics rules David…..they keep making them thinner…what hope do we have? I battled with both ends of one the other day…lick the fingers? nada….bag just laughed at me…see what i mean David? We’re doomed….


      1. What is ‘stupid’ is people are using plastic bags to line their kitchen bins, then each week tie them up and put in the land waste bin for collection. Where is the sense/logic in that? The bag won’t break down for 100’s of years. I see this happening in other peoples bins. Crazy. (No I’m not a bin scavenger David – I work at peoples place and am curious.) While I’m on this rant . recyclables placed in the land waste bin…makes me mad..hey, maybe I should be a bin inspector/educator? I think people are lazy/need educating?…end of rant

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      2. The Plastic Industry has us all tied
        uo into knots, not to mention the lie
        that they actively recycle when it’s
        much cheaper to simply churn out
        more plastic.


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