NASA Loses a Satellite

Year: 1999Location: Outer SpaceCompany: NASAEstimated Damage Value: $125 million* Imagine pouring years into a piece of complex machinery, only for it to finally make it into space, then disintegrate into nothing. NASA was devastated when they invested $125 million on the Mars Climate Orbiter in the 1990s only to see it burn up. The worst part? ItContinue reading “NASA Loses a Satellite”

Yellow Digger Stuck at the Shore

Year: 2019Location: Auckland Beach, New ZealandCompany: Little Shoal Bay Boating ClubEstimated Damage Value: $50,000* If there’s one thing most of us know, it’s that parking your car in a safe spot is an absolute necessity. You wouldn’t park a brand new Tesla on a beach, but someone thought it would be a wise idea to try their luck withContinue reading “Yellow Digger Stuck at the Shore”