Yellow Digger Stuck at the Shore

Year: 2019
Location: Auckland Beach, New Zealand
Company: Little Shoal Bay Boating Club
Estimated Damage Value: $50,000*

If there’s one thing most of us know, it’s that parking your car in a safe spot is an absolute necessity. You wouldn’t park a brand new Tesla on a beach, but someone thought it would be a wise idea to try their luck with a 4×4 Land Rover.

It’s not clear why this happened or why the individual in question thought it was a perfect place to store such an expensive car. However, the digger sent to extract the 4×4 got stuck as well and sat fully submerged in the sand and mud for more than three days.

The incident occurred on Auckland Beach in New Zealand, much to the bemusement of local residents and news outlets. Thankfully, officials stopped to consider what might happen to other machinery before sending in other equipment to rescue the digger. It was a touch too little, too late.

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