Yep Becos

I left my car parked in the street
Very safe, it was
Arose next day, looked out, yep safe
Yep was safe, becos….

Don Matthews
February 2022

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

10 thoughts on “Yep Becos

    1. ‘Becos’ is a new variety of cos lettuce. The next generation up from the Acos variety (I believe they’re working on development of C, D, E varieties as we type).

      Actually I’m pulling your leg. Damn, I was actually believing him.

      I’m surprised you didn’t twig that ‘becos’ was ‘because’. Coz and cos often used for ’cause’ so becos for ‘because’……..

      You’re American and I like you so you’re forgiven……

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      1. You would be forgiven thinking ‘becos’ might be some weird Aussie lingo. If someone lives in the outback I say they’re out in the donga. We did have barbies once but it rusted out.

        Lot of my ‘unusual’ words are just playing round and changing them to rhyme.

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