Gifted to Bushboy by Fandango

Last seen swimming off
to who knows where?

Answers to the name of Lottie

Please check your swimming pool
– a tsunami could indicate Lottie

Is Lottie is pining and gone looking for love?

Did Bushboy forget her favourite peanuts?
(Nobbys Nuts her favourite BB)

Contact Fandango, Bushboy
or FCS if spotted

Fan, Bushboy says Lottie didn’t arrive
Did you give clear delivery instructions?

Check your pool Fan.
She might remember how kind
you were and come back for what
Bushboy seemed to not be giving.
Remember the tickle behind the ear?
(gets you a nice trumpet)

From the FCS Newsroom
(We care for elephants)

Come home Lottie…..


Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

2 thoughts on “MISSING ELEPHANT

    1. Amazon are hopeless Fan. You shoulda used AAO, Aussie Air and Overland. They know every creek and backyard dunny. Lottie would be happily splashing around in bushboy’s backyard billibong by with AAO. Ah well, live and learn Fan……

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