Sir Les Patterson on Joan Collins

Be broadminded
Les Paterson aka Barry Humphrys

Sir Les is from Australia
Knighted, rough, and ready
He mixes with celebrities
And all stuff that is heady

He had a poor upbringing
Manners suffered so
Born with teeth not quite in place
His spit was forced to show

Despite all of his problems
He has a heart of gold
But tends to leave his interviewers
Want time-delay, want hold

In the clip attached
He brews his known-for storm
Playing with the TV crew
In typical Les form

Don Matthews July 2019

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

4 thoughts on “Sir Les Patterson on Joan Collins

      1. No way! I used to watch Dame Edna on the TV when I was a kid and probably too young to really appreciate the humour! I had no idea there was a male alter ego too. I’ll have to go and You Tube more clips now! 👍🖤


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