My boy is into fireworks
Exploding things (with care)
His latest trick’s bit ordinary but
You gotta start somewhere…..

He wants to do a car next…….

Don Matthews
August 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

8 thoughts on “Fireworks

    1. I noticed this 3-point landing also. Obviously well-planned and rehearsed.

      ‘Now remember wheelie, triple somersault and a 3-point landing”

      “Yes coach”


      “Shit wheelie, the landing point is here not next door’s roof”

      “Sorry coach”

      Obviously lots of shits and sorrys would have gone on here David to perfect this difficult stunt. Bit like the ‘being shot out of a canon’ trick. Jeez David how would you like a ton of gelignite going off under you? kaboom…..

      “Reginald, time to come in for your lunch sweetie”

      “Yes mum, Why is Mr Jones swearing at me?”

      Sorry David. Thought I was writing a flash fiction post…..


    1. This is a stunning one. I tried it in my youth but it kept landing on the neighbours roof. Obviously not using the right propellant. Then again I was using cheap Chinese navigation system. Maybe that was the problem. Now I would consult Elon……

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