Priscilla Practices for the Olympics

High flyer is Priscilla
Here’s she’s practising
Readies, then she launches
Into sky, high fling….


Don Matthews
July 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

17 thoughts on “Priscilla Practices for the Olympics

    1. But she’s a survivor……I believe she’s at Tokyo now. She led the Australian Team in the Opening Parade. Even has her own special feline enclosure and gym. All the way from Australia. (Doesn’t want to get covid from others – smart cat is Cilla) We look after our athletes David be they human, feline or mollusc. Didn’t know they now have a 5m snail hurdle did ya? Don’t ask me about the new kangaroo pole vault. Don’t know much about that.

      I could become an expert in Australian animals entering the Olympics. Food for thought. Skip’s rolling his eyes……


      1. What are the Olympics coming to? Next we’ll be able to enter for Holographic Humping. That would indeed be a crowd-pleaser David……I could imagine the bed industry hopping on board as sponsors. Perhaps even the prophylactics industry….

        I think my imagination is running away from me…..


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