Racecar Driver

I am a racecar driver
All ready to unwind
Hit the pedal off I go
Jeez! what power behind….

50 Coke-loving penguins cleaned track afterwards……..

What a waste of Coke….

Don Matthews
July 2021

Published by donmatthewspoetry

I just like playing round with words. And having fun

6 thoughts on “Racecar Driver

    1. But I agree with Skip. What a waste of beer. Good thing it was a one-off and they were able to repeat it via GIF….

      What’s that? It was a scientific experiment (sponsored by Coke) investigating the pneumatic compressibility of a gassed liquid under pressure on sudden release from an enclosed container. Results to be published in the Journal of Pneumatic Gas Compressibility. I’m told Coke will get a mention. As will the race driver (isn’t that nice of them).

      Hearing that it was indeed a scientific experiment and not just someone’s excuse for a bit of fun, Skip and I have withdrawn our criticism of the event.

      Having Monty Python given me the cold shoulder (Skip says they don’t know what they missed) would you believe Terveen I applied to the Journal of Pneumatic Gas Compressibility seeking a position as a scientific reporter. They asked what my qualifications were? In charge of the Science Magazine at kindergarten I said. They said if I’d done it in England (where they are based) they would happily look at my qualification. Something’s not quite here Terveen……

      Skip’s rolling his eyes…….

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