29 thoughts on “Milk

  1. Sadly, yes.
    I remember when milk was
    delivered to your door fresh
    every day. Way back when
    supermarkets didn’t sell petrol,
    and petrol station attendants
    wore bow ties and smiled as
    they filled up your tank.


    1. Ah, you’re taking me back David. I remember these days well. First you’d put a billycan out then came the bottles. You’d leave the money out as well. Gosh they were trusting days. He’d come at dawn. You’d hear the rattle of the bottles…..Stop it Don, I’m getting all teary…..Gawd, do petrol station attendants exist anywhere now? I believe the bowtie bit cos I’ve seen a photo of one…US of course….I’ve told you stop Don, I haven’t got a hankie. Shit David, see what i have to put up with?……

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    1. Don’t make me suffer. He’d do all this while you sat in the car saying “Isn’t that kind of him dear?” and she would reply “I love his turquoise bow tie dear. You should get one” . “Oh look dear he’s cleaning our windscreen, and smiling at me. And all for free”

      You go to a service, no, petrol station now “I need help. My tyre’s gone flat.” “Sorry madam but would you like 2 fruit bars for the price of one?” ……..

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      1. Our friendly neighbourhood fruit
        and veggie man would deliver
        right to our door πŸŽπŸ‡πŸ‰πŸ…πŸ₯•
        Not any more, since the greedy
        supermarkets put him out of
        business 😭 Now everything
        comes wrapped in plastic. Plus,
        you have to pick it up and check
        it out as well πŸ’Έ No wonder
        everything tastes like chemically
        adulterated shit. Good quality
        and good service has long gone
        straight to hell πŸ”₯


      2. Blame the Yanks. Supermarkets were an American invention weren’t they? Two other causes come in I feel. Greed for the dollar. And too many people. I’m for zero population growth. While I’m at it. Chemists once upon a time just sold medicines. Now you can buy an umbrella for grandma and tinsel for your Christmas tree. As well as Aspros if you need one. Sorry, supermarkets have them also . And cheaper……Call me old-fashioned but I don’t like the way we’re headed David…….

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  2. Better keep this conversation
    just to ourselves, Don 🀫
    The wisdom of age, and worldly
    experience, is now frowned upon.
    Common sense is a culture to
    be cancelled. We may eventually
    be designated as misfits, a couple
    of grumpy grumbling old men!
    We may even be arrested and sent
    to a “re-education camp” and used
    as slave labour assembling mobile
    phones and sneakers for young
    millennials 😱


    1. Jeez David don’t scare me. I think I’m pretty safe though. I’m pretty much beyond re-educating. They’d think I was a waste of space and resources. Get out you silly fool…..

      Would you believe they’ve suddenly slammed Covid restrictions on us overnight? Can’t coffee at the cafe and read paper. How am I gonna survive? Oh, you can sit outside in the cold Don……thanks


      1. I’m not too worried about the
        Delta variant. I’m fast on my
        feet, and keep my exposure
        sight to myself 😷
        It’s the Omega mutation I’m
        expecting to cause major
        devastion 🚫 πŸ€” πŸ™
        Best get vaccinated soon
        as you can, Don πŸ’‰πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘


      2. Don’t forget the Epsilon lining up behind Delta……..a very tricky one this….

        Talk about bloody unlucky, since our last communication they’ve slapped a 7 day lockdown on us. Gonna have to have coffee in the car with the heater on now……think I can classify this as an essential trip out to retain my sanity?…..and we were leading the country…..4 Deltas…only one way to stop the spread…..come down quick and hard……bottle shops can trade……so people can write themselves off is my thinking…..

        On a serious note, UK have thrown all the rules out, no masks, no social distancing, party party. Madness in my view…..

        I have had one jab, another in about 3 mths

        Thank goodness for WP I say……..

        Good heavens David, we seem to have taken over the entire comment space in my simple little ditty and pic on milk…..maybe I could look into Bert the Veggie Man who used to deliver spuds to your back door….by horse and cart……and he enjoyed our tea and bikkies offered…..

        I do go on…..see? lockdown’s already driving me silly……


      3. The bottle shops are considered
        an “essential service”! Being a
        Victorian I can tell you that it’s
        most reassuring knowing people
        can self medicate in the privacy of
        their own homes, and not roaming
        the streets. After all, Covid is a
        medical emergency.
        Linda and I were fortunate enough
        to be on holidays, in the far north
        of Queensland, prior to this multi
        State lock down. No masks or
        Delta Dawn restrictions up here
        … so we’re staying put🀞


    1. Seriously it’s all a matter of making changes. Says me who hates change to my routine. Our last lockdown was 8 months ago. I got over the habit of coffee/paper read in cafe, with takeaway and bought paper in car. Went back to it today. Worked fine. Admittedly had to start car to warm it up. It’s my other leisure activity bans that’s gonna hurt. Least it’s only 7 days. Hopefully…..

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  3. Newspapers! πŸ€”
    I’d almost forgotten.
    Melbourne cafΓ©s stopped
    keeping them way back at
    the locking down start.
    And ethnically identifying
    as Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I just can’t
    bring myself to actually
    purchasing one 😎


  4. Not to mention loo paper.
    It’s been over a year since I’ve
    wiped my backside with the
    smiling face of a politician,
    or even the finance section.
    The deprivations of a never
    ending Victorian lock down 😭


    1. David – Terveen Gill has been following my comings and goings and on the the question of milk she asks if it ages well (on this thread).

      Knowing your expertise in this area I informed her thus (should be on thread, but this will alert you in person).

      David Redpath is an expert in ageing milk….he still has a bottle kept from when Bert the milko delivered it to his door in the 50’s. Paid a pittance for it then. Going to auction it when demand rises. Then again might leave it for his grandkids. Dunno…..

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    1. David Redpath is an expert in ageing milk….he still has a bottle kept from when Bert the milko delivered it to his door in the 50’s. Paid a pittance for it then. Going to auction it when demand rises. Then again might leave it for his grandkids. Dunno…..

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